Conditions of Sale at Turlood Stables

  1. A purchaser can secure their new Horse by payment of a £500 deposit, which then forms a contract to purchase.
  2. Should the purchaser request a veterinary examination;
    1. 2 and 5 stage Veterinary Inspections must only be carried out at Turlood Stables
    2. All horses are open to vet
    3. In the unlikely event that a horse fails a vet inspection the £500 deposit left to secure the sale is refundable in full.
  3. If the purchaser should change their mind about proceeding with the purchase then the deposit is forfeit
  4. Horses are sold with a 7 day exchange warranty.
  5. The start date of the warranty is the date the funds are transferred or the date of the receipt of cheque(s)/cash or the date the horse is collected/delivered, whichever is the sooner.
  6. If the purchaser wishes to return the horse within the 7 day warranty period:
    1. Turlood Stables Ltd agrees to exchange the horse for one of equal quality and value, but under no circumstances will a cash refund be given.
    2. If the purchaser wishes to buy a horse of greater value for themselves they can use the original horse as part payment.
    3. If the purchaser does not like any of the horses in stock, Turlood Stables Ltd will endeavour to get a replacement as soon as possible.
    4. The purchaser agrees to be patient during this time. Whilst every effort will be made to satisfy the purchaser's requirements quickly.
  7. If the purchaser wishes Turlood Stables Ltd to take the horse back to sell on their behalf, Turlood Stables Ltd will charge:
    1. 10% (plus VAT) of the sale price.
    2. Livery at £250 per week (plus VAT).
  8. The following conditions apply to the exchange warranty:
    1. The horse must be returned in the same condition as it was in when it left the premises.
    2. The horse must not be injured or blemished in any way.
    3. It must not be freeze marked or have ID brands on its feet or a replacement microchip inserted.
    4. Turlood Stables Ltd reserves the right to have a veterinary surgeon inspect the horse on its return.
  9. Turlood Stables Ltd is VAT Registered business, and VAT will be charged to equestrian centres, and such like businesses. VAT will be included in the sales price when selling to private customers.

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